About Us

ScholarImg We are an e-Learning site. Our site provides various options for you to begin your English learning journey with us. You can start at any level.

We use modern and innovative technologies to help you have a dynamic, interactive and real-time presence and experience when you come online. You see, hear, feel and engage with us while you learn English. We use online tools that are easy to use or something you are already familiar with, namely Skype.

You can choose a personal one on one, face to face interaction - Private Tuition.

You can also join a one-to-many connection via our online classroom - Attend a Class.

Outside these real time interactions, we have static content such as quizzes, forums, pages of resources for you to use or to practice English on your own.

You as a Student pay for the course or class or your coaching session.

As a Student you choose your teacher and a time that is suitable to you.

You pay via PayPal which is a simple online payment system.

As a Teacher you make yourself available to teach at a time suitable to you and get paid for your service via Paypal.

All you need is a computer, fast internet connection (ADSL/Broadband), Headset and Webcam.

What is an Avatar?

AvatarImg An Avatar has various meanings. In religion, it is a reference to a divine teacher in human form, basically a spiritual representation of a being, also known as incarnation.

In Computing it is a graphical representation of a user.

An Avatar today is the 'persona' or image you wish to assume or become. You choose that avatar because that represents you or that is what you aspire to realise.

The strength of the word 'Avatar' is in its potential to bring tangible 'Transformation' in a person.

What is English Avatar?

At English Avatar we chose this term because it brings the two meanings together.

The English Teacher Avatar:

English learners want a real English expert teacher to help them. So we are the gurus who have the qualifications and experience to help you learn English or move to native-speaker like competencies.

The English Student Avatar

You, the Student assume a web avatar when you come online to our site. Our job is to treat you not as a computer user but as a real person with a genuine desire to learn English. We want to understand your specific needs and help you to achieve your best. In this two way partnership both our avatars merge into a relationship where the mentor becomes your respected and trusted guru, and the student transforms into a new and enlightened English Avatar.