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CoachImg As a learner we offer you a variety of learning options. In providing you our services, we have built this site based on these fundamentals: Choice, convenience, cost, expertise and technology.

Time: You choose the time for your class.

Place: We deliver the lesson to you in the comfort of your own home or at a location you can arrange.

Choice: You choose the lesson and a level that suits your need. You can choose the mode - One-on-One or Group learning session.

Cost: We deliver affordable courses. You can choose a half hour of a full hour session.

Expertise: We connect you to our expert teacher. All our teachers are screened and carefully selected. Only those that meet our strict criteria are allowed to teach on our site.

Technology: We use the latest online learning tools to facilitate real-time learning. You don't have to buy extra software or hardware. In most cases, you already have a computer, internet connection, webcam , headset and software that you use for audio and video chatting. We use these simple and familiar tools to offer you a fun learning environment. You feel, see, hear and interact live as if you are in a real classroom.

Modes of learning at English Avatar

ClassImg Face-to-Face Lesson: You can enrol on a private English lesson where only you will be connected to your teacher. You get personal attention and interact in real-time with your teacher. There are no other students in this one-on-one session.

Group Lesson: This is a scheduled online English class where you join other students from all around the world at a pre-arranged time. We aim to keep the class size very small - no more than ten students in a class. Your teacher will engage and interact in real-time with you and your classmates. You can ask your teacher any questions or join in the online group discussions and activities. Our classes will be a fun learning environment. You will get to know your teacher personally and your classmates will become your online friends.

Coach: A coach is a special teacher who can help you in a range of other topics and subjects. These may include a private online session to prepare you for a job interview, help with your pronunciation or accent, or prepare you to settle as a student in another country such as the USA, Australia or New Zealand. You can book on a published coaching topic on our site or request a coach to help you with a new subject or other special areas. We will find the right coach for you.

Self-Learning: You can also use our recorded audio/video lessons and other learning material to study by yourself at your own pace. We offer both free and paid access to such lessons and learning resources.

To ensure effective eLearning your Computer Environment need to meet our minimum requirements.

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