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Teacher or Coach

What is the difference?

Cancellations & Refunds

Can I withdraw from a course after enrolling and making my payment and then ask for a refund?

Online Learning and Teaching Tools

What tool do I use to participate in the Online Class? Go to Skype Website

Payment Method

What tool do I use to pay for my Online Class fees? Go to PayPal Website

Payment Transactions & Currency

What is English Avatar Credits?

English Avatar only transacts business in US Dollars. When you pay for your lessons in US Dollars, your account is credited dollar for dollar in English Avatar Credits also known as EAC for short. So if your account has 50 English Avatar Credits, it means you can you can purcahse USD $50 worth of lessons. You can also buy English Avatar Credits in advance and use them later.

Student Fees and Teacher Rates

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What times and dates are used on this site?

We use New Zealand Times and date. You can use the clock below to convert to the time zones in another location.

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